In cooperation with foreign producers and understanding what influence does the global warming do to our planet, team of company RUBISOLIS offers special, innovative, ecological, economical and efficient heating devices for Baltic market (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Currently company Rubisolis has an exclusive distribution rights for professional electric infrared halogen heaters VARMA TEC, radiant heaters ENERGOTECH, natural heating panels PLEZURA, infrared heating panels INFRAPOWER and natural stone radiators MARBLE HEATING.

Currently we recommend:
Professional electric infrared heaters VARMA TEC (Italy) | www.infrasildytuvai.lt
This new technology replaces the sun`s heat. The revolutionary infrared short-wave technology of these radiant heaters instantly provides comfortable heat as soon as it is turned on. Heaters are very efficient, ecological and economical. Due to various design, power and IP protection level, they can be used in HoReCa, industry, processing, church and domestic sectors (terrace heaters, radiant heaters for zone heating).
Radiant heaters ENERGOTECH (Sweden) | www.elektrinis-sildymas.lt
Radiant and infrared heaters ENERGOTECH work by heating solid surfaces instead of the air, which gives a gentle and natural heating with a high level of comfort and with energy savings of 25-50%. These heaters are suitable from 2 to 40 m ceiling height, from small bathrooms to large industries and provide comfortable and pleasant warmth including warm floors.
Natural heating panels PLEZURA (Belgium) | www.energyproducts.nl
PLEZURA is a unique range of infrared heating panels for indoor use. They provide a cost-efficient and energy-saving alternative to conventional heating systems. The panels are available in a wide range of designs, ensuring they can be fitted into any type of space, from domestic environments to professional work areas.
Infrared heating panels INFRAPOWER | www.ekosildytuvai.lt  
The infrared heating system INFRAPOWER is a real alternative to conventional heating systems, whether you want an additional heater (such as a hallway or bath heating), or completely change your heating system in the house, or office. System offers a comfortable heating sensation with low energy costs. You can save up to 50% of heating energy!
Natural stone radiators Marble Heating (UK) | www.akmensradiatoriai.lt
For people who are looking for economical, ecological, efficient and decorative heating appliances we recommend radiators from natural stone: marble or granite. According to the client requirements radiators can be either electric or wet system (water system).  

For additional information please contact us by e-mail info@rubisolis.lt or by phone +370 37 263 488. Dealers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are welcome.